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Numerical order, Norvic numbers

When the Post and Go machines first came into use life was simple.  There were two types, and one design and 5 values for the stamps.  Generally the stamps with the Machin head were known as Faststamps, and the labels for immediate posting were labels.  The first stamps, both in Stanley Gibbons' catalogue and in our listings had the number FS01. 

I believe Gibbons made a big mistake by allocating individual catalogue numbers to each value, rather than one number to a design with sub-numbers to each value.  This became more obvious with the pictorial (Birds) stamps.  Gibbons lists these by value - showing only one design - and simply records in a footnote that there were six different birds.  That would not be too bad, but when Birds II was issued, these same values were allocated new numbers - with another footnote to say that there were six different birds. 

There are many other ways they could have been listed, although with changes to the number of 'values' available even a simple system of numbering each set would have been difficult, especially with the uncertain status of some of the new values on old stamp designs.

Our numbering system has had to evolve, but I have avoided changing any numbers wherever possible.  Thus the brown Machin is FS01, the birds FS02-05, and so on.  Single-design rolls take the next new number, thus the Robin stamp issues for Christmas is FS10, after FS09 the Union Flag.

It has been impossible to be totally consistent as changes have taken place in the values which exist, the different make-up of Collectors Strips, and the new machines.  Fortunately Stuart Leigh has compiled a very comprehensive illustrated catalogue of Post and Go stamps which you can find here.  Unfortunately, apart from numbering each design set, the individual variations have no number otherwise I would provide at least a cross-reference here.

The list below covers many - but by no means all - types of Post an Go stamps that we have handled, including a few varieties.   I have tried to highlight the ones that we have in stock at the time of compiling the list by listing those in bold and the others in italic light type.  For many of those listed as being 'in stock' we have very small quantities.  Indeed it is possible that by the time I get to the end of the list, the entries at the beginning will be out of date!  I'll revisit it from time to time to update. 

I hope you find it useful.


FS001 Original large text type

FS01 Wincor Norwich

FS01.3 Wincor with 40g Late 2011 MA13

FS01-60 Wincor 60gr 3/14

FS01.3-60 Wincor 60gr 3/14 MA13

FS01-97 Wincor E20/W10 Faringdon

FS01.3-97 Wincor E20/W10 Kidderminster MA13

FS01b Hytec trial Stampex 2011

FS01h ditto, difference?

FS01h.3 RM1 York Fair & Stampex MA13

FS01m.3 RM2 machine M011 MA13 MOD Abbey Wood Feb 2017

FS01n Wincor with 40gr added 2011

FS01n.3 NCR Ludgate Circ, Lt Buzzard MA13

FS01n-97 NCR with Euro20/W10 6/14

FS01n.3-60 NCR including 60gr 4/14 MA13

FS01n.3-97 NCR with Euro20/W10 6/14 MA13

FS01p Hytec 2 Camden pop-up incl 40g

FS01s RM2 at Sailsbury fair

FS01s.3 ditto MA13

FS01t RM2 York Fair 7/14 E20/W10,60g but W10g not bold

FS01u RM2 Stampex 9/14 new font also 2/15

FS01u.3 ditto MA13 also 2/15

FS01z NCR on 2nd class stock at Wood Green

FS01.3z ditto

FS01.6 NCR Norwich MA16


FS02 Birds I W2

FS03 Birds II W2

FS04 Birds III W2

FS04h H at 9/11 Stampex

FS05 Birds IV W2

FS05sf H at 9/11 Stampex

FS05-60 W2 60g

FS06 Sheep W2

FS06h H at 2/12 Stampex

FS06-60 W2 60g

FS06-97 W2 E20/W10 Macclesfield

FS07 Pigs W2

FS07h H2 at 9/12 Stampex

FS07-60 W2 60g

FS07-97 W2 E20/W10 Macclesfield

FS08 Cattle W2

FS08h H2 at 9/12 Stampex

FS08-60 W2 60g

FS-97 W2 E20/W10 Macclesfield

Union Flag

FS09 Flag H Bureau

FS09b 9/14 RM2 Bureau reprint

FS09h H2 9/12 Stampex & Midpex

FS09h.3 RM1 7/13 York MA13

FS09.3 W2 11/13 Ludgate

FS09h.3b RM2 2/14 Stampex

FS09.3j RM2 ditto Jersey machine

FS09s RM2 3/14 Salisbury

FS09s.3 RM2 ditto MA13

FS09-60 W2 60gr undated

FS09.3-60 W2 60gr MA13

FS09t RM2 7/14 York E20/W10,60g but W10g not bold

FS09u RM2 9/14 Stampex (inc JE) new font

FS09ua Spring Stampex Feb 15 RM2 2/15 Stampex (inc GU machine)

FS09u no overprint RM2 Europhilex 5/15 & Stampex 9/15 GI & GU m/c only

FS09-97 E20/W10 W2 Leeds

FS09m M011 RM2 MOD Abbey Wood Feb 2017

Christmas Robin

FS10 W2 Norwich

FS10x H2x2 11/12 Camden pop-up

FS10h.3 H2 11/13 Stafford

FS10.3 W2 Norwich, Traf Sq

FS10-60 W2 3/14 60g

FS10.3-60 W2 3/14 60g MA13

FS10n.3-97 NCR 6/14 E20/W10

Machin 2nd class

FS11 Bureau H2

FS11h H2 2/13 Stampex

FS11h.3 H2 11/13 Pop-up-shop

FS11n NCR Harpenden MA12

FS11n.3 NCR L Buzzard MA13 3/14

FS11.4 NCR 9/14

FS11.5 NCR

FS11.6 NCR

More pictorials

FS12 Freshwater Ponds W2

FS12h H2 Stampex

FS12-60 60gr W2 3/14

FS13 Freshwater Lakes W2

FS13h H2 Midpex 7/13

FS13-60 60gr W2 3/14

FS13-97 E20/W10 W2 10/14

FS14 Freshwater Rivers W2

FS14h H2 11/13 Stafford

RM2 2/14 Stampex

FS14-60 60gr W2 3/14

FS15 Spring Blooms W2

FS15b Bureau Pack RM1 2/14

FS16b RM2 2015 reprint

FS15h RM2 2/14 Stampex

FS15-60 60gr W2 3/14


FS15n-97 E20/W10 NCR 6/14

FS15-97 W2 10/14 Chester-l-S

FS16 Symbolic Flowers W2


FS16c RM2 9/14 Stampex

FS17 Poppy W2 ? Does it exist

FS17a NCR 10/14

FS17.5 NCR 10/15 MA15

FS18b Winter Greenery RM2 11/14 Bureau pack

FS18w W2 11/14 Kidderminster, Farringdon, Perth

FS18n NCR 11/14

FS18ww W2 11/14 Welsh language receipt Carmarthen

FS19 Working Sail RM2 2/15 Stampex (& bureau pack)


FS20 Heraldic Beasts RM2 5/15 Europhilex (& bureau pack)

FS20d Heralid Lion solo RM2 9/15 Stampex Digital

FS21 Sea Travel RM2 9/15 Stampex (& bureau pack)


FS22 Fur & Feathers NCR 11/15

FS22b RM2 11/15 Bureau pack.

FS23 Heritage Transport RM2 2/16 Stampex (and bureau pack)


FS23d PH Locomotive solo RM2 2/16 Stampex (also 2/17 Stampex)

FS24 Ladybirds RM2 9/16 Stampex (also bureau pack)

FS25 Hibernating Animals NCR 11/16

FS25b RM2 11/16 Bureau pack.

FS26 Mail by Rail RM2 2/17 Stampex (also bureau pack)

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