FS25 Hibernating Animals Post and Go set of 18

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14/11/16 - Hibernating Animals Post and Go set of 16

These stamps are issued in 2 designs for 1st and 2 designs for 2nd.  The 1st class are available in Collectors Strips of 6, and the 2nd class in pairs.  Either stamp can head the strips, making a total set size of 16, each value in both available designs.

Available in two types - Royal Mail Series II machine M010 from Norwich Enquiry Office, NCR Self-Service Kiosk at Norwich Crown Office.

The stamps in detail

Hedgehog: As hedgehogs get ready to hibernate, their body temperature drops down to as low as 2°C, and after that they enter a period of deep sleep. They often use piles of dead leaves and vegetation in gardens as shelter, which means that they are particularly vulnerable when garden bonfires are lit.

Grass Snake: Like all reptiles, grass snakes are cold-blooded and rely on basking in the sun to remain active. As the days get shorter, there is insufficient sun, so they crawl under piles of vegetation or into cracks in banks. They emerge in early summer and can be found basking in the sun once again.

Dormouse:  Dormice can spend over half the year in hibernation. Indeed, their name might come from this trait, from the Latin word for sleep, dormire. They bed down in carefully constructed nests, woven from strands of honeysuckle bark and dried grass, for instance, well hidden in their woodland habitat.

Brown Long-Eared Bat: - Bats rely on a constant source of insects to eat. As the supply of these dwindles in the autumn, they find special hibernation roosts, often returning to the same location year after year. Bats prefer to hibernate at very cold temperatures and are often found in caves and old mine shafts.

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