4087x Tawny Owl maximum card 2018

4087x Tawny Owl maximum card 2018
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British Owls - 11 May 2018

Royal Mail issued a set of 10 stamps depicting owls, five adult and five juveniles.

Stamp: 1st class Tawny Owl Strix aluco

Card:    J Arthur Dixon Ltd PGR00163. Photo by John RObinson

Postmark:  Folkestone, Kent

Tawny Owl – Strix aluco
The lovely quavering hoot of the Tawny Owl is a familiar night-time sound in woodland, parks and even gardens, but although this is the UKs most common owl, it is rarely seen, being strictly nocturnal. Tawny Owl pairs stay in their territories year-round and over time build up a great familiarity with the terrain, with favourite hunting watchpoints, roosting sites and a nest site that will be used every year. The owlets leave the nest while still downy and flightless, and climb to safe spots among the branches where they wait for food from their parents.
The largest of the UKs owl species, the Tawny Owl is a powerful predator and other owls number among its prey. It is found throughout Great Britain, but is absent from Ireland.
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