2479 Woodland Animals Dereham Tourist Association FDC

2479 Woodland Animals Dereham Tourist Association FDC
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16 September 2004 - Woodland Animals.  Official Dereham and District Tourist Association first day cover commemorating the 1350th anniversary of the founding of the town by St Withburga in 654.

The stamps show 1. Pine marten Martes martes; 2. Roe deer Cervas elaphus; 3. Badger Meles meles; 4. Yellow-necked mouse Apodemus flavicollis; 5. Wild cat Felis silvestris; 6. Red squirrel Scuirus vulgaris; 7. Stoat Mustela erminea; 8. Natterer's bat Myotis nattereri;9. Mole Talpa europaea 10. Fox Vulpes vulpes

The cover has a full set of 10 of the Woodland Animals stamps cancelled by the Dereham Norfolk counter date stamp (cds).

The cover shows the town sign, which depicts two deer being chased by a bailiff, and St Withburga at the right.

Limited edition of 25 covers, some of which were reserved for association members
£11.95 inc. tax

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