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October 2014
We have now produced a new Catalogue for Machin Security Definitive stamps which is more comprehensive that Stanley Gibbons Concise. The listing has a cross-reference between SG and our numbers which will make it easier to find the stamps you are missing.  Download the Catalogue for free here.

Updated 31 July 2014
New 2014-coded definitives from Great War prestige book, retail booklets and business sheet reprints with new covers. 

Updated early July
Added Post and Go Faststamps and Commonwealth Games retail booklet with major phosphor and/or iridescent print

Update 10 June 2014

- New Faststamps from NCR machines with Euro 20/World 10 service indicator replacing Europe up to 20g - Machins and Robins

Latest additions 28 May 2014

- Europe 60g and Worldwide 60g Post and Go Faststamps including collectors sets of 6 from Wincor-Nixdorf machines for Farm Animals, Freshwater Life, Machin, Robin, Flag etc  (Recent additions shown first).
- Machin 2014 versions now up to date

Recent additions to the shop 16 March 2014:
2nd class M12L coil from Walsall 10,000 rolls
London Olympic Maximum Cards including Chinese
Machins and Classic Locomotives stamps from PSB
Some retail booklet stamps 2013/14 - Butterflies, footballers
Valentine and Christmas retail booklets

22/24 January 2014
Foreign Maximum Cards including French Harry Potter.
More stock of the London 2010 PSB Machins - see 2931P.0 (2nd), 2932P.0(1st) and 3050P.0 (50p)

15 January 2014
Union Flag Faststamps MA13 from Post Office (Wincor) machine
More supplies of the 2nd class Faststamp MA13 pair from the touring Pop-Up Post Office
Jane Austen Maximum Card

3 December
Maximum cards - RMS Queen Elizabeth, St Vincent Parrots, various foreign and British including Coventry Cathedral, Rotary International, dinosaur.
Many new Faststamps including FDC: MA13 2nd class, Robins, BPMA Robins.

29 October
1st class Large Business Sheet Machin with MA13 code
Wales pictorial country definitives - basic list
England pictorial country definitives - basic list
Scotland and Northern Ireland country definitives

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We also have a large number of different Doctor Who Maximum Cards - click here.

2nd class counter sheet MA13 code, and some new printing date blocks on earlier 2013 stamps.
26 September:
These Machin 2013 definitives have been added:
5p & 50p Merchant Navy from prestige book M13L
2nd Large from business sheets MA13
2nd Large from booklets MA13
10p counter sheet including cylinder blocks
1st and 1st Large counter sheets MA13
Autumn Stampex Faststamps now added!
British Auto Legends Maximum Cards - all 10 listed here

Do you have an artist-signed cover in your Post and Go collection?  We've added a selection of Birds Faststanps souvenir covers signed by artist Robert Gillmor.  For some birds we have only 1 (for some we have none!) so if you have a particular favourite buy now!  Click here! (Still a few in stock!)