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In each category the most recent additions are shown first.  This does mean that new stock may appear out of alphabetical, value, or even chronological order. 

You can change the order that items appear by choosing a different sorting arrangement.  This must be done for each category, and will always default to show most recent first:

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If you're a return customer you will notice that we have changed the design of the shop.  This was necessary to incorporate new features that were not supported by the old design.

Products are no longer removed if they are out of stock, but remain on show.  In the case of more recent Machin definitives this enables customers to see the range that exists, and there remains the possibility that we may get more stock for some of these, but many were difficult to find originally and there is little hope of more.

Other out of stock products, especially one-offs like maximum cards, postal history, picture postcards, and some first day covers will be removed from display as time permits.

We've added a new category
at the top of the navigation tree on the left. This shows Recent Additions, so you can go straight there.  We will no longer be listing new stock on this page.

We have updated our Catalogue of Machin Security Definitive stamps which is more comprehensive than some others. The listing has a cross-reference between Stanley Gibbons and our numbers which will make it easier to identify how many stamps there are and to find the stamps you are missing.  Download the Catalogue for free here.

Don't forget to sort into A-Z order whenever you click on a new link, as that will be the most logical order to view, unless you want to see only the latest items added to a category.

Do you have an artist-signed cover in your Post and Go collection?  We've added a selection of Birds Faststanps souvenir covers signed by artist Robert Gillmor.  For some birds we have only 1 (for some we have none!) so if you have a particular favourite buy now!  Click here! (Still a few in stock!)